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Provide Individualized training for adults in your early childhood classroom with

Hands On Training

Your early childhood center becomes a learning lab for adults with

Hands On Training. With six guided observations your site serves as a model for volunteers, new employees and parents.

How do adults learn with H.O.T.?

*First, in your room they listen to brief recordings on a CD with information about what they see as they watch your center in action. The recordings explain appropriate practices that they can see in your center.

*After listening to a recorded selection, they work in their H.O.T.booklets: They read, write and do activities in your center and in their homes that relate to the information they just heard. This "hands-on" review of the audio guide gives them practical experience!

*They work individually, at their own pace, completing one of the six sections with each visit to the center. When they finish all six they receive a certificate of completion.

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