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Who can resist pictures of kids? Certainly not their proud parents!

Our Scrapbook is a specially prepared 23 page photo album designed to involve teachers, children and parents. Our Scrapbook comes with information about how and what young children learn in good early childhood programs and teachers illustrate it with photographs of their children at play. The kids provide commentary that the teacher writes under each photo. As a classroom book, it can become part of the class lending library to go home for families to read together. For busy parents who don't have time to come to the classroom, Our Scrapbook is like a tour narrated by the children and an early childhood guide. The kids are excited about showing themselves in the pictures, and parents are impressed when their kids can "read" what the group has written. Teachers find that parents are more understanding and supportive when they know more about what goes on in their classrooms.

Our Scrapbook

Download "Our Scrapbook"
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